Avon Old Farms Ice Rink Solar Panel Project / Avon, CT

  • Locality: Avon, CT
  • Project Type: Solar Panel Project
  • Materials: Carlisle ECOStar Synthetic Slate, 205 kilowatt solar array, 672 individual panels

Avon Old Farms Ice Rink, Avon, CT

Avon Old Farms is an elite private school in Avon, CT. For the roofing renovation of its ice rink – a nationally-known secondary school winter sports arena – the school decided to use green materials and alternative energy.

Along with a roofing replacement, the ice rink received a large solar array on the roof. Eagle Rivet performed the pre-installation assessment for the solar array, as well as all installation and electrical work on the 205 kwt array, made up of 672 panels. The roof was then covered with Eco-Star synthetic slate from Carlisle.

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