New Roof for Miss Porter’s School / Farmington, CT

  • Locality: Farmington, CT
  • Project Type: Roofing System Installation
  • Materials: asphalt shingle roofing, hot applied modified asphalt waterproofing system, extensive copper work, flat seam copper roof

Miss Porter’s School

New Roofing, Flashing and Waterproofing for M. Burch Tracy Ford Library
Farmington, CT

This new roof installation was part of a construction project by Enterprise Builders general contractors of Newington, CT. The new M. Burch Tracy Ford Library at Miss Porter’s School in Farmington, CT involved a variety of challenging aesthetics and a complex profile. We covered the building’s 12,000 sq foot roof with asphalt shingles, as well as applying a hot-applied modified asphalt system to waterproof a 4,300 sq ft plaza deck. We also performed extensive copper fixture installation.

The conical roof of the rotunda was surrounded by a copper flat-seam roof and covered with asphalt shingles.

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