Roof Replacement

Eagle Rivet Roof Service Corporation works very closely with roof consultants, general contractors and/or building owners to reach the common goal of high quality re-roof application. Our portfolio of roof replacements performed in New England speaks for itself and perfectly demonstrates our experience and ability to deliver on projects.

New Roof Replacement Technology

Technology has and continues to make an incredible impact on the building industry. New breakthroughs in roofing technology has changed the way we deal with the elements, and in New England it has lead to sturdier, surer roofs.

Here at Eagle Rivet, we’ve been at the vanguard of this roofing revolution through our modern roof installation and replacement services. But despite these reasons, there’s still a wide range of reasons to have a roof replaced.

One of the main reasons that can necessitate the need for a roof replacement is irreparable damage. Due to all of the inclement weather we’ve seen in New England recently, there’s a higher chance of problems such as leakage, water damage, granule loss due to ice floods and cracked shingles.

But beyond irreparable damage your roof could just look worn out. One way to give it a new lease on life would be through a complete replacement, enchanting the home or building’s look. It also has the added benefit of raising its property value.

We provide cutting edge technology-based roofing solutions. As one of the few companies using the ergonomically designed Firestone premium materials in New England, we have what it takes to work on any roof replacement project.

One of Firestone’s most popular products is the Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) roofing system. This material is highly durable, flexible and resistant to direct sunlight. And it saves you money by being a long lasting roofing product.

In addition to Firestone’s products, we also use the very high quality Carlisle Syntec premium products—including their vegetative roofing systems. The roof garden system from Carlisle includes insulation, new vegetative seed and title, and waterproofing membranes. And for a residential property this is the ideal garden roof solution.

The strong relationships we’ve established with roofing manufacturers is one of the reasons that we’re at the forefront of the roofing industry in New England.

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Take a look at a few examples of our commercial roofing replacement projects throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts.

Roof Replacement Projects

UConn New Roof Installation

University of Connecticut (UCONN) New UConn Visitors Center Roof Storrs, CT

Avon Old Farms School Roof Installation

Avon Old Farms School This roof installation project for Avon Old

CT Juvenile Training School New Roof Installation

CT Juvenile Training School Middletown, CT In this school complex, each

NRG Montville Power Station Industrial Renovation

For the NRG Montville power station, Eagle removed the existing 25,000

Suffield Academy Tisch Fieldhouse Roof Waterproofing & Renovation

Suffield Academy Tisch Fieldhouse The Suffield Academy – an elite CT

Congregation Beth Israel Carlisle Xtenda Coating

Congregation Beth Israel Synagogue West Hartford, CT West Hartford’s Beth Israel

Avon Old Farms Brown House Roof Restoration with Copper Fixtures

Avon Old Farms – Brown House Avon, CT Roof restoration for

Yale University Roof Restoration

This medical facility roof took a great deal of care to